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Des Moines Metal Fabricating opened its doors in 2004 servicing individuals and companies with premier and custom metal fabrication services. Purchased in 2011, Des Moines Metal Fabricating got a serious revamp in staff, service and machinery in order to provide you with the best experience available in the Des Moines area. Here at Des Moines Metal Fabricating, we strive to get your metal back to you within a 48 hour time frame. The professionally trained staff at Des Moines Metal Fabricating specialize in the following metal fabrication services.

Since opening day almost 10 years ago, customers have been walking away happy as can be with their products in hand. We are conveniently located at 818 NE Broadway Ave and can be reached by contact form, e-mail or phone: 515-244-5474. Des Moines Metal Fabricating is your number one source for custom metal fabrication, bending metal and cutting metal. We service both large and small clients with metal bending anywhere from one peice up to hundreds.

A main component of custom metal fabrication is welding. Welding is the main focus of metal and steel fabrication and requires special safety precautions not only for humans but to maintain the integrity of the project. When welding, heat is selectively applied to the metal or steel in a slow, straight lined sweep. The metal will contract and once cooled the weld should hold together the two pieces of metal securely.

Shearing is also known as 'die cutting,' which is a process that cuts metal without chipping, burning or melting the metal. If the cutting blades are straight, the process is called shearing. If the cutting blades are curved, it is more of a shearing-type of operation. The most common forms of materials that get sheared are in the form of sheet metal or plates however rods can be sheared as well. Shearing-type operations include blanking, piercing, roll slitting and trimming.

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