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No matter what type of metal fabrication you choose, eventually you come to a point where you need to connect or fuse two or more pieces together in a process known as welding. There are multiple forms of welding, including torch welding, arc welding, MIG and TIG. Some metals are difficult to arc weld, and as a result, most welding is performed with a torch. Other metals, particularly steel, can be arc welded with great success and efficiency. Softer metals require less heat to melt into a sturdy bond, while others are much stronger and require a substantial flame or arc to create an attachment. The most common type of welding is arc welding with a stick welder. The temperature is adjustable for different grades and thickness of steel, and the stick electrode comes in a variety of sizes to match the job.


One of the most advanced and versatile methods of welding is called TIG welding. TIG stands for tungsten inert gas and is the technique of creating an arc from a permanent tungsten electrode to the material being welded, with a welding rod inserted at the arc point.

Although a little more advanced and requiring additional skills to perform than most other forms of welding, TIG welding works with a variety of metals and form factors and can produce outstanding results in any number of applications. It can also be utilized to bond alloys of differing composition, creating a product with specific exceptional results.

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